Past Awards

2019 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: “Attitudes of Berea College Students toward Sexuality and Gender Minorities” by Simeon Huff, Berea College
  • 2nd Place: “Content Warnings, Autonomy and Educational Accessibility for Student Survivors of Violence” by Kimberly Bowen, Eastern Kentucky University
  • 3rd Place: “The Struggle is Real: Identity Formation of a Thai Immigrant to the US” by Siriruay Methakitwarun, Northern Kentucky University

2018 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: “Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Impact of Gender, Coping, Social Support, and Self-Concept” by Lydia Bickham, Alice Lloyd College
  • 2nd Place: “The Need for Post-Release Opioid Abuse Recovery” by Rebecca Howard, Transylvania University
  • 3rd Place: “Perceptions of the Stigmatized Dyslexic” by Emaly Slone, Alice Lloyd College

2017 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: “Cyberbullying: The Effects of Parental Guidance and Internet Use on Teenagers Experiencing Cyberbullying” by Hannah Ridner, Tennessee Tech University
  • 2nd Place: “Financial Worries: How Debt Affects Stress in Berea College Students” by Amy Brooks, Berea College
  • 3rd Place (Tie):
    • “‘Damn Good Word’: How Class Culture Impacts the Social Mobility of Children Living in Low-Income Communities” by Cristina Colón, Centre College
    • “Gender among Sugarcane Farming Communities in Northern Belize” by Emily Fox, Northern Kentucky University

2016 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: “Class in Black Church” by Clara Gaddie, Centre College
  • 2nd Place:  “Toward a Systematic Review of In-Patient Treatment Malls in Psychiatric Facilities :  Effects of Need for Physical Maintenance and Recidivism” by Christina Carpenter, University of Louisville
  • 3rd Place (Tie):
    • “Family Matters:  How Family Affects Stress in Berea College Students” by Amanda Lonaker, Berea College
    • “The Complicity of Men in Perpetuating and Perpetrating Gender-Based Violence” by Brian “Jimmy” Lynch, Jefferson Community and Technical College

2013 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: “Connecting Effort and Attainment: Climate Change Knowledge and Environmental Engagement Among Students at a Four Year, Private Liberal Arts College” by Eva Griffin, Berea College
  • 2nd Place: “The Sexed Up Church: Bridging the Gap Between the Church and the Adult Entertainment Industry” by Kelsey Ach, Georgetown College
  • 3rd Place: “The Cult of the Dress: Say Yes to the Dress as Situated in the Mainstream Wedding Media” by Zoe Snider, Transylvania University

2011 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: “Freedom 101: A Descriptive Analysis of a Correctional Cognitive Behavioral Program” by John Frana, University of Louisville
  • 2nd Place: “Organizing Graduate Employees: The ‘New’ Taking Root in the ‘Old’ by Enku Michael Ide, University of Kentucky
  • 3rd Place: “Constructing “Economic Development Organization” as a conceptual Ideal Type” by Sara Compion and Stephanie M. Barker, University of Kentucky

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: “The Dual-Role Controversy: Understanding Student Perceptions of Dual-Role Interactions in Higher Education” by Felicia Helvey, Berea College
  • 2nd Place: “An Ethnohistory of Holley Grove, West Virginia, Pertaining to Property Involved in the Paint Creek Mine War of 1912-1913: A Preliminary Report” by Joshua McCormick, Northern Kentucky University
  • 3rd Place: “A Closer Look at the Alphabet Community: The Coming Out Experience of Berea College Students” by Shaqueal Stevens, Berea College

2010 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: “Si Se Podia: A Case Study Analysis of Differential Student Participation on the National Taco Bell Boycott” by Michael Carl Ide, University of Kentucky
  • 2nd Place: “Frequency of Condom Use by Male Clients of Female Street Prostitutes” by Maggie B. Stone, University of Louisville
  • 3rd Place: “Domestic Homicide: Examining Intra-Familial Killing in the 21st Century” by Christina L. Carpenter, University of Louisville

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: “The Sexual Double Standard Revisited: Men and Women’s Attitudes toward Potential Partner’s Sexual History” by Joshua Corum, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2nd Place: “The Shake Felt Around the World: An Examination of Framing of Social Inequality in Local Media in the Wake of the Earthquake in Haiti” by Colleen Wynn, Western Kentucky University
  • 3rd Place: “Living the Dream: Songwriters’ Status on Music Row” by Rachel Skaggs, Centre College

2009 Jules Delambre Student Paper Contest

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: Allison Jacobs Northern Kentucky University “Stereotypical Behavior: The Role of African American and Caucasian Women in Television Commercials”
  • 2nd Place: Kim-Dun Nguyen, Berea College “Volunteers Without Borders: A Grounded Theory Look into International Volunteerism”
  • 3rd Place: Natalia Otrishchenko, Berea College “Witch Trials in the Courts of Western and Central Ukraine in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Social and Cultural Context”

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: Adam Jonas, University of Kentucky “The Growth Coalition and it Opponents on the Centrepointe Project: Does a Network Analysis Reveal the Contours of the Battle?”

2008 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

Undergraduate Division

  • Lisa Miller, Berea College “Discourse on the Explicit: Berea College Student’s Attitudes Toward Pornography Use”

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: Laura Patterson, Western Kentucky University “The Performance of Prayer in a Hispanic Pentecostal Church”
  • 2nd Place: Quatavia Wilkins, University of Kentucky/Berea College “Coping with College Student Pregnancies”
  • 3rd Place: Jessica Aldridge, Western Kentucky University “The Social Grief and Survival of Local Environmental Groups in South Central Kentucky”

2007 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Fae Goodman, University of Louisville, “Fishnets and Broken Bones: The Stylized Femininity of a Women’s Full Contact Sport”

2006 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place (three-way tie): Wilson Garrett, Centre College, “Are You Ready for Some Football?: The Role of Television in a Fraternity Setting”, Tania Matthews, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, “Comparative Case Study of the Indigenization of Churches in the Cities Shanghai and Dali”, and Erin Pace, Centre College, “How Race Affects One’s Views of Interracial Marriage”

2005 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Rachel Sebastian, Northern Kentucky University, “Women and Children in a Midwestern Homeless Shelter”
  • 2nd Place: Teresa Harding, Berea College,”Civic and Business Support for City-County Consolidation: An Analysis of Campaign Finance”
  • 3rd Place: Jardana Peacock, Northern Kentucky University, “Youth Culture at the Ferring Community Center”

2004 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • No awards were made in 2012, as the ASK meetings were cancelled.

2003 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Michelle Meyer, Murray State University, “Environmentalism: A Study of College Students’ Attitudes, Behaviors, and Knowledge”
  • 2nd Place: Kevin Morrison, Eastern Kentucky University, “The Fridge Is Empty, Let’s Move: Analysis of Broaddus Site Faunal Remains”
  • 3rd Place: Kevin M. Jones and Jess Metzmeier, Centre College, “We Are DeSales: Catholic Schools, Ethics, and Social Teaching”

2002 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Polly S. (“Penny”) Clark, Northern Kentucky University, “Culture of a Preschool”
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Seale, Murray State University, “The Body as Consumer”
  • 3rd Place: Elizabeth J. Lorenz, Northern Kentucky University, “Unveiling the Mosque: An Ethnographic Study of Gender, Age, and Community in an Islamic Center”

2001 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Patricia Wolford, Northern Kentucky University, “Culture of an Emergency Room”
  • 2nd Place: Bryan Scott, Thomas More College, “Hegemony: Domination at Home and around the Globe”
  • 3rd Place: Autumn Wiley, Thomas More College, “The Silent Epidemic of Domestic Violence: Using Sociobiology to Examine Causes and Solutions”

2000 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: Paul Paolucci, University of Kentucky, “Marxian Warnings on Common Errors in Sociological Discourse”

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: Somi Williams, Northern Kentucky University, “Japanese Kindergarten and Its Defined Role as a Cultural Bridge”
  • 2nd Place: Joseph Dunman, Murray State University, “Sports, Mass Media, and Ideology: The Super Bowl as a Reflection of American Society”
  • 3rd Place: Sarah Kleemeier, Northern Kentucky University, “The Social Behavior of Bonobo Chimpanzees with a Closer Look at Juvenile Behavior”

1999 Larry Webster Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: Jennifer P. Draude and Matthew P. Robinson, Northern Kentucky University, “Who Told Thee Thou Wast Naked: The Social Organization of a Family Nudist Resort”
  • 2nd Place: Kimberly Little, Transylvania University, “Children of Homosexual Couples”
  • 3rd Place: Sara M. Fair, Northern Kentucky University, “Juntos Como Hermanos: A Study of a Spanish-speaking Catholic Church”

1998 Student Paper Contest

Graduate Division

  • 1st Place: Ricardo Fernandez, University of Kentucky, “The Dialectic between the Archaeological and Historical Records: Consumer Choice and Symbolic Value in 19th Century British Pottery from the Warren Hause Site”

Undergraduate Division

  • 1st Place: Kristina E. Vise, Northern Kentucky University, “Media Depictions of Female and Black Athletes: Sports Illustrated Feature Article Photographs, 1990-1996”
  • 2nd Place: Laura Rice, Transylvania University, “Preoccupation with Perfection: A Contemporary View of the Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery”
  • 3rd Place: Amanda McIntyre Johnson, Centre College, “A Class-Culture Comparison”

1997 Student Paper Contest

  • 1st Place: C. Shawn McGuffey, Transylvania University, “Kentucky Identity: Are We Southern or What?”
  • 2nd Place: Rebecca Caldwell, Transylvania University, “Violence against Women: Synthesis of Social Inequality Theories”
  • 3rd Place: Ann K. Kleemeier, Northern Kentucky University, “For All People: Welcoming in an Outreach Church”