Manuscript Submission

Original manuscripts should be sent via email attachments to Shaun Dixon, Editor, at Authors should use MS Word for their manuscripts; manuscripts should include authors’ names, titles, affiliations, and contact information. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a letter stating that the work is original, has not been published elsewhere, and is not being submitted simultaneously for publication. Manuscripts submitted should be double-spaced and be in Times New Roman, 12-pt. font. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material. All accepted submissions become the property of the Contemporary Journal of Anthropology and Sociology.


References should be listed at the end of the paper and in alphabetical order and follow the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. In the text references should be made with author, year, and page number (e.g., Johnson, 1978, p. 32)..


Mills, C. W. (1956). The Power Elite. New York, NY: Oxford Press.


Tennyson, D. (2003). The High Costs of Health Care Within the Juvenile Justice System. Journal of Correctional Health Care, 10(1), 89-108.


The Editor should be contacted directly concerning illustrations. Illustrations should be at least 300 dpi or higher and should be submitted in a separate file.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures should not be embedded in the manuscript text but instead submitted in a separate file. It should be clear what the table or figure represents.